Cooler Master Master Box Lite 3.1: A Low-Cost mATX Case

If you’re searching for a low-cost micro-ATX or mini-ITX case, consider the Cooler Master Master Box Lite 3.1. It isn’t nearly as inexpensive as some of the ultra-low-cost cases on the market, but it has a few more features, more room, and, in my view, a better design than some of its competitors. The case […]

Parents and partners… Here’s a gift idea for gamers that will make their gaming addiction more bearable.

If your partners or loved ones are addicted for playing video games –an interest you may or may not always agree with–you may be in a quandary when selecting what to purchase them as a present for the holidays, their birthday, or a special event. On the one hand, you want to make sure that […]

Cooler Master Master Set MS 121 Review: A Budget-Friendly RGB Keyboard-Mouse Combo

We’ll be looking at Cooler Master’s MasterSet MS121 keyboard-mouse combo set today. For $79.99, this bundle is available only at Best Buy. Cooler Master does, however, have the MasterSet MS120, which can be purchased for just under $70 on Amazon. In a moment, I’ll go over the distinctions between the two sets. Considering the A3050 […]

What is GPU? GPU Prices 2021: Are Reasonable Prices Near at Hand?

GPU stands for Graphics processing unit. This technology is invented through NVIDIA Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA). It is a specialized processor which is specially designed to accelerate or increase the speed of graphics rendering. Nowadays this technology has become one of the most important types of computing technology in both personal and business computing. […]

For Parents: Building a PC Teaches Your Child 9 Skills Traits

Is your youngster or child interested in building a gaming computer? If this is the case, it is normal to have some doubts in your mind. No parent wants their child to spend the entire day playing video games. However, on the other hand the process of creating a gaming computer will teach your youngster […]

Colleges for the Best eSports and Gaming Programs

As the scope and popularity of esports expand, universities are developing intramural and varsity programmes to allow students to play in top events. While many programmes are still in their infancy, a few have already established themselves as prime destinations for individuals looking to go from amateur to professional. In reality, Robert Morris University began […]

STOP! Do Not Purchase Alienware Computers! Instead, make your own gaming computer.

We adore your stylish, awesome-looking casings and your very cute alien-head emblem, Alienware laptops. And we also like your–uh… well, that’s about all we like about you, Alienware. Yes, guys, the truth has been revealed about the gaming PC industry’s behemoths… Their machines are very costly, extravagant, and unneeded. That is why we do not […]

How to Persuade Your Parents to Purchase a Gaming Computer for You

Nothing is more frustrating than having no control over the fact that you can’t play your favourite PC games because your computer isn’t up to the task. To make matters worse, if you are under the age of 18, you are most likely still living at home with your parents. And, because you’re too preoccupied […]

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